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A podcast where we see deep in a shallow world by exploring our surrounding culture through a biblical lens and dive into the word of God for the answers to life’s problems.


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“We praise God for the many ways He ministered to us through Denise during our retreat. Many of our ladies have expressed that Denise was the best speaker we’ve ever had. I don’t disagree! God’s goodness and grace shine through Denise. Not only is she an excellent speaker, but she exudes warmth and the love of Christ. God’s anointing on her life is powerfully demonstrated through her compelling testimony of redemption and a clear and cohesive presentation of Scripture. As a ministry leader, I couldn’t ask for more; Denise was an excellent communicator and so easy to work with. We are looking forward to having her back again!”

—Susan Schroeder, Director of Women’s Discipleship Ministries, Cornerstone Church, Easton, PA


“Theology is supernatural. It is thinking the thoughts of God. It is fire in the bones. It is the breath of God upon your lips. The light of God in our very soul. It is the most challenging and the most rewarding task a person can ever undertake”. —Søren Kierkegaard

You believe in Jesus and His word, but sometimes, it is hard to connect the dots between your faith and your life. You want to live for Jesus but struggle to live out what you know. And let’s face it, life interrupts our best attempts to consistently study the word of God.

When it feels like your theology (study/knowledge of God and His word) is far removed from what you are experiencing in your life, I pray this space is a place where you can dive deeper into God’s word with me. “Theology at Home”  is where we discover fresh insights into God’s word to help you hold onto your faith without compromise.

Does the word “theology” make you stifle a yawn? Do you think theology is only for people who are serving in ministry? What if theology was meant to be an essential part of how we do life?

What we believe about God and His word is not just knowledge but living truth that informs how we navigate life and the surrounding culture. Articles and videos on topics that matter to you are coming soon!

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