A sacrifice of praise does not come at a convenient time, but in the midst of this crazy life. Praising through our weakness brings victory!

Hebrews 13:15

“Through him then let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, acknowledging his name.”

Today as I was leading worship at my church, the LORD was speaking to my heart about a song I had written a few weeks back.  As I prepared to share it with the congregation, my heart’s desire was that the congregation would know that the message in this song was for them, that God loves them so much.  I prayed for healing and that they would know He came for an imperfect, broken people; that His love and grace cover all of our sorrows and shame.

Sometimes people do not understand how someone could stand in front of 500 people, or in front of anyone, for that matter, and sing a song. What drives a singer/songwriter to do that?  A sacrifice of praise.

A Sacrifice of Praise: Praising through our Weakness

Innately, I am a shy person who wept when the LORD first called me to be on the stage to share songs before man.  I grew up playing a mini-tuba (ok, I could say Euphonium, but most of you would probably not know what that was, lol), with the music stand in front of my face so no one could see me.  Now I have a piano in front of me that I have played and led worship with for 24 years.  I like it that way.  Somehow I am hidden and people will see Jesus, not me.

God is glorified in the weak things, and when He enables me to step out of my shy place of comfort to testify how Holy and awesome He is, it is a miracle indeed!  It is an incredibly humbling experience to share a song that was between me and God.  It is as if it is a part of my soul that I am being vulnerable enough to share as an offering – a private moment of worship and thanksgiving to my God, released as a fragrant aroma to Him.

A Sacrifice of Praise: Praising with Meekness

All too often musicians can feel, though, that they are being evaluated – their motives, their desires, their performance. What was acceptable to God can be picked apart.  This speculation makes it even more difficult to step out, but passion for worship of God drives the worship leader on.  If you have ever wondered what is going on in the mind and heart of a worship leader, know that they are imperfect beings who long to worship God and feel an accountability to do so with a pure heart.

We all share our abilities to serve the body of Christ, but ultimately, all our talents are presented to the King of kings as a gift for Him.  Some serve God by greeting the congregation, some serve by caring for children.  Some teach, some preach, some clean, some serve refreshments, some work the sound system and some sing and play instruments.  All are needed and important, all are an offering.

A Sacrifice of Praise: Praising through Bleakness

Not one role should be evaluated as better than another.  Jealousy can lead to a bitter root and cause divisiveness that should not take place in the body of Christ when we consider that our positions might look different, but all are an offering to Him.  We would not want to complain about our place and dismantle the sacrifice of praise while we pursue our own glory. It is in those moments that we have to remember Whose glory we are seeking and to just love one another.  That is part of the sacrifice – loving one another despite our different positions in the body of Christ.

If you serve on the worship team, God bless you!  Your labor is not in vain!  If you are led each Sunday by someone serving on the worship team, please encourage these worshipers.  Their hearts are poured out for you and for God.  Indeed, it is a sacrifice but an amazing privilege, as well.

Lord, be glorified in our lives in our worship of You, in everything we do.  Whether we worship You through singing, serving, or in everyday life, may all of it be pleasing in Your sight.

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