Sometimes life hurts.

And we wish we could just wash it all away. People are hurting and often can’t break free from the stigma of their suffering, especially if it is from hardship, abuse or scandal. Sometimes it is easier to silence these pains, but underneath is a wounded soul longing for healing.

Looking for real hope in the face of our new reality, we long for someone to understand our pain, but maybe feel judgment, isolation, and shame instead. I’ve been there . . .

And I want to help bring healing.

God longs to reach down in that raw pain and bring His sufficiency, but we often live on the surface – numb and afraid to go deeper with God. Can He be trusted? Why were such atrocities allowed? Does He still love me?

I learned the hard way that God is faithful.

It seemed like I had it all. But looks can be deceiving. My life as a devoted Christian homeschool family was suddenly upended by a traumatic and life-altering event that challenged my faith. I walked, stumbled, and crawled with the Lord through those painful days and learned lessons that continue to shape my music and my messages. With humility and transparency, I address issues such as loss, insecurity, discouragement, disillusionment, depression, shame and hopelessness.

We serve a God who redeems and restores.

He does not leave anyone out and hears all who seek refuge and forgiveness. Through Christ, we who were once victims can become victors!

Thank you.

Thank you for hanging with me here. I know time is short and it means a lot that you would pop by. I would love to hear your story and how God has met you in your time of need. There is space for you to share your heart on this website in two blogs and two podcasts, but I also am available on social media.

So, who is this crazy gal writing and singing so much and why is she doing what she does?

A Little About Me.

God’s love consumes me and I have a passion to praise Him who has set me free. He can do the same for you.

Author/Speaker/Worship Leader/Songwriter/CCM Artist/Podcaster

That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? I love to create and find new ways to communicate God’s lavish grace and forgiveness. God loves to inspire and even though I am an imperfect vessel, I sure have fun sharing His message!

I wrote the two books, “Shame Off You” and “31 Days to Hope Reinvented”, from a place of needing to heal and find answers as well as a burning desire for my suffering to not be in vain—I just wanted to help someone else overcome, too. And God miraculously healed me.

As a CCM Artist, Speaker, Podcaster and a Worship Leader, I write, sing, and proclaim God’s goodness based on my real-life experiences in the hope that the precious lessons God taught me can heal others and glorify our great God. I blog weekly devotions to encourage my on-line followers and shares my music and messages at retreats and conferences, worship services, festivals and events.

Back in college, I had a full ride to the University of Maryland for music, which was a huge blessing since I worked three jobs and had to support myself at the age of 19. I came to know Christ in college and began to write original Christian music at that time and received a BA degree in Music Performance from the University of Maryland.


I love being a momma and home educated all five of my children. Four are now in college and my fifth little guy who I adopted from Russia is not so little any more. An adoption advocate and speaker for Compassion International, I speak and travel in the hopes that I might be a voice for children with no voice.

On the down low, I am a peanut butter pizza aficionado. Don’t judge unless you try it! Message me for the recipe. 🙂

Jesus Lover and Adoring Wife.

But more than anything, I love Jesus and am married to an amazing husband, Clay, who sometimes ministers with me at musical events. When I am not ministering at conferences, writing books or songs, I love to play Scrabble or cards and hang with family and friends.

Musical Background

Formerly a music performance major on full scholarship at the University of Maryland when she came to know Christ as her savior, God began to give her songs on the piano. Denise’s debut album, “Just Fine”, released in 2002, launched her music and speaking ministry in the Mid-Atlantic states. The track, “Comfort to the Weary”, received airplay on radio stations in Pennsylvania and New York and was an all-day feature on KKLA Radio in Los Angeles, bringing comfort to listeners in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Denise’s sophomore album, “Praying For You” included tracks such as “Reign in Me” that received airplay in 11 states all across the mid-Atlantic region. This CD received Album of the Year from the Independent Gospel Music Association, during which time Denise was also a finalist for Inspirational Artist of the Year on

In 2007 she was awarded first place in the pop/contemporary music category by the President of K-LOVE radio in partnership with the International Music Ministry Association. The winning performance was featured on the TV show “A Night With Champions”. These awards and events seemed to confirm God’s calling on her life in the music ministry.

At the end of 2007, within months of receiving this recognition, Denise’s life was suddenly upended by a personal crisis that tore at the very fabric of her family. In the midst, God delivered a new message in songs flowing from a wounded heart attended to by our living God. Ultimately healing and restoration came that confirmed God’s promise to bring beauty from ashes to His believers. Denise believes that God uses broken vessels to share His love with others and she proclaims this truth to herself and others that, everything God allows in is useful and nothing is wasted in His hands.

What Others Are Saying

Denise’s depth as an author, speaker and worship leader is needed in the body of Christ today. Her message is unique and refreshing, a catalyst for revival.

Fred Milacci, Professor at Liberty University and Pastor, New Life Community Church

“The Lord uses Denise is such a powerful way through her worship!  Denise led worship at our women’s retreat and it was beautiful, heart moving and truly brought us into the presence of God.  Each worship set allowed God to meet each individual woman where they were at and minister to them directly.  Denise blessed us with her family playing and singing along side of her.  The full band experience was very meaningful and engaging.  Denise shared some of her life story with us showing us that God is with us always, loving and caring for us.  I look forward to having the opportunity to work with Denise in the future not only to have her lead worship but to also be a guest speaker and learn more how through her story, God is speaking to each one of us.”

Babette Arnold

Women's Ministry Leader, Cedar Run Community Church

“Denise Pass is a very talented singer/songwriter with an energy and devotion to God that is contagious to those who have the opportunity to hear her.  Besides being an insightful songwriter and resonating vocal artist, Denise is an accomplished pianist/keyboardist whose attributes promise that each performance will not be another concert, but an experience.”  Shay Watson, Producer

“I am eternally grateful for what happened to my soul this weekend.  I cannot express enough gratitude to you of the huge difference you made in my life and the lives of some very special ‘sisters’ in my life!  Thank you doesn’t cut it!  May God’s peace continue to shine upon you to be a light for others.”

Nicole A.

Conference attendee

“I thank God for Denise Pass and her family, who are all multi-talented musicians.  As truly humble servants of The LORD, giving Him all the glory and praise, they led us into His Holy Spirit’s Peaceful Presence.  Denise’s lovely singing and keyboard skills made her family’s music ministry outstanding.  Her spoken Words of Truth and encouragement were inspired at perfect moments during worship.  My friends and I were able to bask in His Presence, like Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus.  Denise drew us into that holy place of dwelling in the house of the LORD, which was the theme and goal of our retreat teachings.  When I wrote Denise and her family a thank-you email for blessing our women’s retreat like no one has done before, her humble reply was:  ‘But I have a secret . . . it was the Holy Spirit who overwhelmed us with His sweet presence and the responsiveness you all had in worship is what made it extra special, too! My family was grateful for the opportunity.’”

Doreen Gumas

Cedar Run Community Church, Herndon, VA

“When Denise has led our church in worship, she has done it with a heart of compassion.  Her desire is to see music bring glory to God and draw people to Himself.”  Josh Turner, SBCV Church Planting Strategist

“An inspired teacher, Denise shares how God can transform the deepest trauma of your heart into a buoyant, contagious hope.”

Cheri Gregory, co-author of Overwhelmed and co-host of Grit 'n' Grace

Awesome Guest Speaker!

She was absolutely phenomenal! Very down to earth, humble, funny, friendly, relatable! Fierce woman of God! Will definitely use her expertise in the future!! Definitely recommend her to come speak at any engagement!

Breanna Brown

Founder, Jesus Empowers Ministries

“Such a wonderful testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness – beauty from ashes! … It was an honor, privilege and our pleasure to have you and your girls come and share an amazing example of God’s comfort, healing and grace … May He continue to use you and your story to reach others and help them restore their faith in Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or think! Abundant blessings and love to you and your family.”

Sue U.

Conference attendee

“Blessed and inspired by the music and testimony of Denise Pass today. I have enjoyed Denise’s music for many years and these songs spoke to me about holding on to God and remaining faithful through the good and the bad that comes in life.  All the music on this CD has blessed me, but the song ‘Layers’ is my personal favorite.”  Beth M., conference attendee

Music & Worship

Come visit our music selection and worship with us.


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Denise Pass is an Author with Abingdon Press and the Upper Room, a Worship Leader on staff at her church, and a conference Speaker presenting on various topics from her personal experiences and the Word of God. She also writes and speaks weekly for her online followers through her podcast, “Black and White Podcast: Raw Truth, Radical Grace and Real Hope in a Gray World” and two blogs, “Hope Reinvented” and “Shame Off You Rx ~ a Prescription for the Shame that Ails You”.


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