Inspirational Thought of the Day:

Our hearts will be tested both by man’s praise and condemnation, which can purify and refine our calling.

Scriptures of the Day:

Romans 11:29

“For the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable”

Matthew 22:14

“For many are called, but few are chosen.”

If you are reading this, friend, you are called. The question is, will you be chosen? In another words, will you heed the calling and do something about it?

I have wasted too much time doubting and wondering about “my” calling to find that our calling is just not about us, but about being used for the amazing purpose of sharing God’s word with the world.

Sometimes I think there is this facade surrounding a calling, like it is a glamorous position all about our glory. But this is not the calling of God. He calls us to serve and exemplified it by washing the feet of those He called and dying for them.

What does our calling look like? It might include . . .


Being comfortable is not an admirable goal. Sometimes in our calling, we will suffer. It could be that others tear us down or judge us, or it could be physical suffering because the requirements of the calling can be hard at times. Inner turmoil might seem pointless, but if it produces in us an earnestness to draw near to God and clarifies our calling, then it has helped us to be determined. Suffering also weeds out a calling that is centered on self.


As we grow in the calling of God, we will likely have some humbling moments in our path. This is not to be disdained, but embraced. Sure, it hurts our pride, but what a blessing in disguise. We can easily get off track and need God to remind us of what matters most. Trying to appear perfect in our calling is superficial and a waste of time. Just keep developing the gifts of God and fan it into flame for His glory alone.


Our hearts and calling will be tested both by man’s praise and condemnation. When people begin to affirm the calling of God in our lives, we recognize first that it all comes from God and we just get to be participants. Then we remember the purpose of our calling – to bring God glory, not us; to help people who are in desperate need of seeing and knowing God. Real, precious people are hurting and lost – that matters a ton more than being successful in the world’s eyes.

Maybe the above descriptives are not what some of us were looking for in the calling of God. Sorry to be so real, (well actually, I am not). 

God wants to encourage us in His call for us. The fact that the God of this universe wants to use us at all humbles me. We get to paint water next to the King of kings who is truly the One doing it all through us. What a joy.

We don’t need to waste a lot of time wondering about our calling or become disillusioned by results that seem different than what we hoped for. We should look to Him and our work and leave the results up to God. If caring for people’s souls is our motivation, God is pleased and that is all that matters.

Determining Our Calling.

Whatever we have burning in our hearts – that is likely where God wants to use us. No amount of likes on a Facebook page could ever affirm or deny this reality or the needs of our hurting world. It is God alone who we get our calling from and He alone we are to please.

So, run, friend! Go for it! Use whatever God has given or placed in you to share with those around you. The world desperately needs to see Christ in and through you. No one else can fill the void that you do. It will take a lot of work to cultivate and sometimes be painful, but the fruit and reward are more than worth it.

You are called. Do you hear it? Will you answer?

Lord, thank You so very much for redeeming us and then giving us Your purpose in our souls. Help us to be faithful and not grow weary in so doing. be glorified, gracious God!

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