Scripture of the Day:

Romans 14:16

“Therefore do not let what you know is good be spoken of as evil.”

Hope Discovery of the Day:

God’s good plan still stands and is not dependent upon man.

Sizing up the luscious piece of fruit, the serpent slithered and whispered that first fateful lie that we are still believing today. He took the truth of God and twisted it to fit the piqued desire of the moment. Sound familiar?

But redefining something does not make it inherently good. When the enemy suggested the doubt into Adam and Eve’s mind, he was rebelling against God’s ways and trying to establish that the action that was deemed as evil by God was actually good.

By giving the perceived authority to man, that he had the ability and authority to decide what was good and what was evil above God’s law, our world became a fallen mess. Still is to this day. The fruit of our decisions is in the consequences, not our opinion. No matter how much the enemy tries to convince us that being evil is good, God will not be mocked and His truth illumines our souls if we seek Him.

Sometimes it is just a small voice that can be the loudest, robbing us of morals for the cause of “freedom” which is truly idolatry and slavitude to sin. How genius of Satan to trick us into thinking we were getting what we wanted when the very corruption of our souls was the end result.

What was off limits was meant to be off limits by our all-knowing, wise, sovereign God. Knowledge of evil is a burden and has a way of influencing us to turn away from good in an attempt to gain something. We are lied to, told we are missing out on something “good”, when actually we are missing out on being defiled when we choose to uphold the standard of God’s righteousness.

How do we hold out hope when the world around us treats our hope as false? We dare not accept their condemnation and must hold out our hope for the world to see.

In the saddest moment when man rationalized and broke God’s command, there was hope. When the world around us today praises evil and condones sin, there is still hope. When God’s people refuse to bow their knee to the world’s standards, there is hope.

Our God has not forgotten His promises and even in the most dismal hour, He has a plan. When Satan thought he had victory, even then, our God had a plan that one day His Son would crush the enemy and death forever more. God’s plan of redemption will not be thwarted and what is wrong will be made right again. What an amazing day that will be!

When things seem beyond fixing in this crazy world, our God is still in control. God’s good plan still stands and is not dependent upon man. Our confident hope is in our good God.

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