Shame RX: Bad Luck had Nothing to Do With Your Shame.

It feels like Tina Turner’s song, “What’s Love Got to do with it”, only substituting the word “luck” for “love” would be good background music to today’s shame removal prescription.

There is no such thing as luck, only times of favor from our good God and testing as we live in this crazy fallen world. But when things go from bad to worse, we blame poor Murphy and his law or plain old bad luck.

And secretly in our hearts, we feel shame over it all.

. . . If I had my life together better this would not have happened . . . (as if we have control, right?)

. . . If I had not done such and such this would not have happened . . . (no such thing as karma, but I would say there is truth to reaping what we sow).

Simply put, troubles exist in a fallen world and sometimes when it rains, it pours. We turn around the shame we feel for such times when we acknowledge this truth and let go of wive’s tales.

When we bear challenges with grace and a sense of humor, the shame falls off of us, instead, and boy do we have stories to tell from our “bad luck” moments, right? (Hint: I’ve got plenty of embarrassing . and painful bad luck moments included in my book, Shame Off You – guess who is not ashamed to speak of them anymore? Praise God!)

Hang in there – it’s not your fault. Turn it into an offering of praise to God in the midst and ask Him for favor and grace to get through it all. You might just  find your favor changing, friend.


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