The Role of Make-up

The role of makeup is not to cover up, but to enhance what is already there.

Shame Rx:

Makeup doesn’t cover us up—it enhances the beauty that is already there.


“Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” —Proverbs 31:30

What is the Role of MakeUp?

As I flipped through a magazine while waiting for my turn at the eye doctor’s office, I marveled at how flawless the models appeared. The perfect blend of makeup, coupled with the matching fashion accessories, seemed like an elusive persona. Not to mention the expensive cosmetic procedures that promise to erase the signs of aging to a world that shows disdain for any sign of aging.

There is no doubt that the beauty industry is one of the most profitable trades in the world. Makeup has evolved from the simple basics applications of eye, cheek, and lip to more complicated contouring with multiple products needed to obtain the “the natural look.”

As trends fade in and out in the fashion and makeup industry, the business of cosmetology seems to be a growing industry. The pressure to look flawless, contoured, and attractive has never been more significant on women and teenage girls. Girls are beginning to apply makeup at ages much younger than in previous decades.

The Role of Make-Up—Enhancing Our Natural Beauty

These changes in trends mirror the differences in values in our society. Despite the external pressure, there is a value in both natural beauty and enjoying makeup to enhance natural physical features.

God has gifted all of us with natural beauty in some shape or form. Do you like the shape of your eyes? Perhaps, you get complimented for the warmth of your smile.

Whether you choose to wear no makeup or wear makeup, the issue of self-acceptance remains prevalent and pertinent to such a decision. As we become less critical of ourselves and other women, we can choose to be encouragers and observers of existing beauty.

The Role of Make-Up—Radiating Your True Beauty

There is no shame in wanting to flourish and radiate a healthy, whole sense of self. Some days, this may look like shining brightly in your natural person, and other days, it may include some fun makeup to add some extra sparkle.

Regardless of your choice, never forget that the joy we have as celebrated daughters is the best makeup we can carry with us wherever we may go in our respective roles.

Although the church may fluctuate from strict legalistic views of no makeup to neutral opinions, know that there is no shame in discovering your unique beauty along your journey.

It is possible to adopt a balanced healthy view of beauty and vibrantly emanate your way as you celebrate the abundant life as a daughter of the King.

Shame off you!

Shell Singh

Shell Singh

Contributor, Shame Rx

Shelley Singh is a blogger with a heart to equip the body of Christ about shame and honor cultures to bring freedom through redemptive grace.


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