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Welcome friend! It is an honor that you are interested in becoming a member of the Shame Off You Book Launch team. Writing Shame Off You was a life-changing experience and your participation on this launch team will help others to also experience the message of Shame Off You. It would be such a blessing to have you come alongside me to help others learn how to recognize and overcome shame in their lives through a biblical worldview and method that opens our eyes and frees us to live the abundant life Christ intended.

When I thought shame would define my existence forever, the LORD not only healed me, but brought complete restoration and revealed shame was robbing me of joy in all areas of my life. Living out the principles of Shame Off You takes a change in our mindset and offers people the key to truly be set free.

Please read all the information below about applying to be a member of the launch team, then click on the application link to apply, if interested!


What is the Shame Off You Launch team? 

A devoted team from around the US and world who want to learn how to rise above shame in their own lives and help others to do so, too. It will be a group who understand what it means to walk through hard times with Christ and want to see Him glorified through it all.

What will this team be all about?

This team will be made up of people who are enthusiastic and eager to share about the book in their spheres of influence from social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, personal blogs, Linked In, etc.) to family, friends, church members, and neighbors.

Why is a Launch Team important? 

How will they know unless someone tells them? When God arrests our hearts to write or serve him, it is never just for us. Our interaction with a Holy God is a beautiful testimony of relationship. When we share what God has done for others, it can help them to know God more, too. Being a part of this launch team is a unique opportunity for people of all ages, races, ethnicities, and cultures to come together and do Kingdom work together, sharing the life-giving message of Shame Off You. Working together, we help the truth of the Shame Off You life spread and become a reality to more people who would have otherwise stayed in their shame, missing the potential of an abundant life that Christ offers.

How will this Launch Team work? 

Who doesn’t like to get the scoop before everyone else? And freebies? If accepted, you’ll be invited to join a private Facebook group where there will be weekly giveaways and you will be updated about upcoming giveaways, contests, special promotions, media interviews, video clips, Pinterest pins, pre-crafted Tweets and Facebook posts, etc. Then you will be asked to share these things with the people in your spheres of online influence, which will enter you to receive some amazing gifts each week. There is no specific time required, just a willing heart to be a committed team member and help spread the message of the book each week.

What are the responsibilities and expectations of Launch Team members? 

If you are a part of the launch team, you will be expected to:

  • Read the book before it’s released!
  • Write a review of Shame Off You on Amazon and other book retailer websites by September 24, 2018.
  • Spread the word about the book via social media, blog posts, and word-of-mouth from the pre-order period to the launch period of July 23, 2018 – September 24, 2018.
  • Stay engaged and up to the date with the posts of the Launch Team private Facebook group.

What awesome benefits do Launch Team members receive?  (aka, what’s in it for me?!)

As a member of the Launch Team, you will be a valued member of a group of people who will quickly form sweet bonds of friendship. Friends who will support and motivate each other as we share the same goal and the same passion for spreading this important message of learning to love our lives the way God wants us to do.

All members of the Shame Off You Launch Team will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • The first 200 members to be admitted to the team will receive a free Advanced Reader hard copy of Shame Off You. Anyone who is accepted after the first 200 will receive a digital copy of the book to review. There is a limited amount of spaces so the application will be closed when the maximum number is reached.
  • Invitation to join and be a member of the private launch team Facebook group.
  • An exclusive “Ask Me Anything” webinar with Denise before the book launch, where you’ll be able to ask about her personal life, writing, ministry, publishing, goals, or anything else.
  • Six Facebook Live’s hosted on the private Facebook launch team page (pre-release and post-release).
  • Other special launch team incentives to be announced!

Can anyone be a member of this team? 

Anyone can apply for the team,  and everyone interested is encouraged to do so! However, space is limited.  My prayer is that God will lead the right people to apply and that this will become a passionate team comprised of those who are sincerely excited about spreading this message and have an active social media or online presence, a solid sphere of influence, and who are fully committed and serious about helping spread the message of the book.

All applications will be reviewed and approved members will be notified no later than July 23, 2018.

Ready to sign up?! Click below to apply

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