Colossians 3:14 

“And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.”

When we first fell in love with our spouse it seemed like connecting would never be a problem. Then life happened. But connection with your spouse can happen even better than ever with small adjustments and busting out of our habits by breaking our routine. Listen in this week as Denise interviews Amanda Davison, Founder of “A Wife Like Me” and Author of Dear Wife: 10-minute Invitations to Practice Connection with Your Husband.

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Amanda Davison

Amanda Davison

Author and Speaker

Amanda Davison is the wife to a Minnesota farmer, mother of three, and President of the nonprofit, ​A Wife Like Me​. She is the co-author of ​Dear Wife: 10 Minute Invitations to Practice Connection with Your Husband​, and speaker, and serves on staff at her local church, where she and her husband lead the marriage mentor team. Amanda is relentlessly sharing how her education in counseling and God’s word changed her life and marriage. You can be a part of the growing community of wives on ​Facebook​ or ​Instagram​, and can find many helpful resources for your marriage at ​A Wife Like Me​.

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