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Revealed Will

Good morning, friends! Day Ten! Sometimes it is not until our back is pressed up against a wall that we see just how much we need God. Perhaps it is then that we are also better able to hear Him. When we seek to follow God’s revealed will, we gain an understanding on His personal will for us.

Bible Reading: Isaiah 7-12

The verse of the day is: Isaiah 7:14, “Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and she will name Him Immanuel.”

Word of the day: Sign.  It is the Hebrew word: אוֹת (oth).

This word means: “Sign or symbol, describing ways the Lord communicated to His people.”

The Israelites depended upon signs from God in order to know His will. In the New Testament, the Jews asked Jesus for a “sign” that He was sent from God (John 2:18). Gideon set out a fleece a couple times to confirm God’s will. On and on the list goes of people wanting to know God’s will. But here in our opening chapter of Isaiah, King Ahaz did not want to know God’s will. God revealed it anyway.

Hope In Uncertainty

We can look back at the book of Isaiah and feel tempted to judge them for their wickedness, and yet I wonder what Isaiah would say about our generation. Into a culture seemingly void of hope, Isaiah spoke of God’s promise and deliverance. Immanuel would come. God with us. Isaiah spoke of this hope right as the Assyrians were coming to take God’s people into exile.

The arrogance and ignorance of God’s people would be judged, and, by the way, the nation of Assyria would also feel judgement, but God had an ultimate good end in mind for His people, nonetheless. In Isaiah 7–12, we see a clearer picture of our Messiah emerging. Jesus was the hope then and is the hope today in an uncertain world.

Seeking His Revealed Will

Right in the middle of looming suffering, God offered His people hope and He does the same for us, too. Sometimes in the middle of crazy we really need to hear God speak into our situation. But maybe He has already revealed what we need to know. When we seek to do God’s revealed will, we just might be given another sign. How about you? Do you need a sign from Jesus?


The best way to see God’s heart and will is consistent time in His word and prayer.

Fellowshipping with God’s people helps us to see a clear sign from God, too.

Don’t look for signs as much as looking to know God’s heart. He will reveal His will to you in His perfect timing

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