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When Answers Aren’t Enough

Good morning, friends! Day Twelve! Why? This question is one of those unrelenting questions we have. But sometimes letting go of our need to know why helps us to understand God’s purposes together. When answers aren’t enough, there is Jesus.

Bible Reading: Job 3-4

Verse of the day is: Job 3:11 “Why did I not perish at birth, and die as I came from the womb?”

Word of the day is: Why? It is the Hebrew word: מָה (maw).

This word means: An interrogative or question. Who, What, Where, When, Why?

Dealing With Pain and Suffering

Job continues his lament over his circumstances and God’s sovereignty over them. In our verse of the day Job asks why God let him live. This question was not seeking to understand but spoken from a place of wanting his pain and suffering to end. Life is an incredible gift from God and is not only good when life seems good. But as Job continues to struggle through his pain, we identify with him in the struggle.

When Answers Aren’t Enough

The questions in our souls are a longing to understand God’s purposes when life does not make sense. Questions do not necessarily mean a lack of faith, but a need for God to be near and to make things clear. And sometimes our questions are more out of a desire to have God’s plans be our plans rather than us trusting in God’s plans.


What are your “why’s”?

Are they biblically based? Or based in the flesh?

Try hunting for the answer to your “why’s” in Scripture.

Research for the answer.

Don’t doubt the character God just because you don’t know why.

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