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Insignificant Significance

Good morning, friends! Day Twenty-Six! The relentless hunt for validation in a picky, everchanging world is impossible. And it can ruin lives. As people clamor to be perfect for whatever the latest standard is, they lose their worth and identity and achieve an insignificant significance, after all.

Bible Reading: Job7-8

Verse of the day: Job 8:7, “Though your beginning was insignificant, yet your end will increase greatly.”

Word of the day: Insignificant. It is the Hebrew word: מִצְעָר (mits-awr’).

Significance In Our Suffering

Job is sharing the hopelessness he feels in his soul. I think we sometimes feel as Christians that we cannot express our suffering, but this is what a relationship with God encourages. We can share our pain. Bildad corrects Job, and I confess, I do think Job needed to repent for his harsh judgment of God, which he ultimately does do. But God is not afraid of tough questions.

Suffering Our Sanctification

Job in the book of Job and Solomon in Ecclesiastes each portray for us what suffering can do and how our outlook is shaped by what we gaze upon. Looking to the world for satisfaction will not last. What Job saw as significant before – the blessings in his life before the tragedies struck him, would be insignificant compare to God’s restoration. It is easy for us to look at the problems and give in to hopelessness, but truly this is also the hardest path to walk. God offers us hope in the darkest places.


  • Nothing we go through is insignificant in God’s eyes.
  • He is always working everything together for our good and His glory.

Go with God and His precious word, friends! Join us tomorrow in the book of Matthew.

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