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Faithful Possession

Good morning, friends! Day Thirty! God’s people need to take ownership of what God has given to us. Faithful possession of God’s provision will mean we steward all that He gives us for His glory.

 Bible Reading: Joshua 17-20

Verse of the day: Joshua 18:3, “So Joshua said to the sons of Israel, ‘How long will you put off entering to take possession of the land which the Lord, the God of your fathers, has given you?’”

Word of the day: Text. It is the Hebrew word: יָרַשׁ (yaw-rash’).

This word means: To take possession of, dispossess, inherit, occupy, seize, be an heir.

How Should We Steward Our Possessions?

Joshua was exhorting the remaining seven tribes to take their inheritance in today’s reading. He went so far as to say they were neglecting their inheritance by not possessing it. So the final division of land happened and Joshua took possession of his land last.

Remain Faithful In All Things

Possession is a funny thing. Sometimes people can try to possess what is not theirs. And sometimes they can neglect to possess what is theirs. Possession is a term that can cause some people to make idols of what God has given, or to be faithful to steward it.

God wants us to be grateful for what we do possess, but for it to not possess us.


  • Don’t be afraid to lead and possess what God has given you.
  • This might be material possessions, or it might be a calling or gifts that He has given to you.
  • Steward what God has given to you with a humble heart.

Go with God and His precious word, friends! Join us tomorrow in the book of Isaiah.

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