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Direct Your Heart

Good Morning! Welcome to Day Forty! Feelings are complicated. We can feel powerless to affect them. But We can direct our heart with the power of the resident Holy Spirit.

 Bible Reading: Job 11-12

Verse of the day is: Job 11:13 “…Direct your heart rightly and spread out your hands to Him.”

Word of the day is: Direct.  It is the Hebrew word: כּוּן    (koon).

This word means: To be firm, be stable, be established.

 The BDB and other lexical aids see this word as to be firm and to prepare. God prepares our hearts but we cooperate with that preparation by directing our hearts to His truth. I like how the Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament put it: “If our heart is fixed on God (Ps 112:7) then we may be sure that he will establish (also direct, order) our ways.”

Strength In Counsel

Although Zophar and his comrades were not being great comforters to Job, there was truth to be found in their counsel. This statement was spoken to Job as if Job had not already cried out to God. Job was fixated on his blamelessness, which we all can identify with when we are afflicted. Pain is hard. Affliction is hard. But we can direct our heart in that moment.

Asking God to Direct Our Hearts

I found out this week that once again I am dealing with skin cancer. Honestly, I cried. I still suffer some pain from the surgery I had for Melanoma in 2020 and my head is like a barometer when there is pressure or weather systems that arise.

But I know that God got me through it before and He can get me through it again. 

And I had to make a choice. Give in to the fear of pain and wondering about how deep this tumor is or direct my heart to God’s purposes even in this.


  • Your heart does not have to get the final say. Let God’s word be an authority over your heart.
  • Direct your thoughts to God’s.

Go with God and His precious word, friends! Join us tomorrow in the book of Matthew!







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