Bible tribe 6

Defining Worship

Good morning, friends! Day Six! Are you a worshiper? Short answer—yes. We all worship something or someone every day. But we were made to worship One. Defining worship begins with a heart of gratitude.

Bible Reading: Matthew 1-2

Verse of the day is: Matthew 2:11 “And going into the house, they saw the child with Mary his mother, and they fell down and worshiped him. Then, opening their treasures, they offered him gifts, gold and frankincense and myrrh.”

Word of the day is: Worshiped.  It is the Greek word: προσκυνέω (proskynéō).

This word means: “To express in attitude or gesture one’s complete dependence on or submission to a high authority figure, (fall down and) worship, do obeisance to, prostrate oneself before, do reverence to, welcome respectfully.”

 How Do We Worship?

One of the synoptic gospels, alongside Mark and Luke, the book of Matthew provides a rich Jewish birds-eye view of our Messiah. In the opening chapters of Matthew, we learn about our Emmanuel, God with us. Matthew introduces us to Jesus’ family tree, demonstrating how Christ was the fulfillment of the progressive revelation of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Here in our verse of the day, the response of the wise men when they first saw Jesus was to fall down and worship. This makes me wonder, how does our worship today compare?

How Are We Defining Worship?

Worship is one of the words that we can say often, but we can limit its definition to our experience at church on Sunday, which is only the outward expression of worship. Worship is awe and wonder. Deference and reverence for our Holy God. It is praise for the One Who saved our souls from the clutches of death. True worship involves every part of our being; acknowledging God daily. Jesus told the woman at the well in John 4:24 that worship must be in “spirit and truth”. What does this mean, exactly?

Gratitude Is Part of Worship

We can tend to think external ritual or music itself are necessary for true worship, but they are not the same as internal worship. Our attitude, and not the various components of worship itself, is central to praising God. The heart is “bowed down” before the Lord in worship just as much as our flesh.

I love this line from a new worship song, “Gratitude” by Brandon Lake, “So come on, my soul, don’t you get shy on me – Lift up your song – Get up and praise the Lord.” Worship is gratitude. It is compassion for others. It is delight and unashamedly proclaiming His greatness. It is surrendering to His Lordship.


Give God your best. Each day and every day. Show up and thank Him for life.

Don’t come to worship in the same way this Sunday. Don’t expect the worship leader to worship for you. Follow their lead in seeking Jesus and tune everything else out.

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