Scripture of the Day:

Psalm 25:2

“O my God, in You I trust, Do not let me be ashamed; Do not let my enemies exult over me.”

Shame Rx:

Our moment of shame is not the end.

If I had a nickel for every embarrassing moment in my life . . . I would be a rich woman. Can you relate? Goodness. I have certainly had plenty of awkward moments in my life. Which story to tell on myself now?

Standing at the point of the formation of the University of Maryland marching band, I marched backward with a sense of pride. I should have known. Pride goes before the fall. Yep. I tripped over the yellow brick road smack dab the middle of the Wizard of Oz show. Did I mention that this was the homecoming game and nationally televised? Yep, ’cause that is how I roll. If I am going to make a mistake, it may as well be a big one.

Lying on the field for what seemed an eternity (likely 5 seconds), I absorbed my reality. Was every single eyeball fixated on me? Oh, joy. I could not look up. I got up, anyway, and limped into place, trying to catch up with the choreography. Wow, it hurt. Wow, did I have to trip in front of this many people? Trying to play it off like it was no big deal, I laughed it off. But I knew what was coming. The “after game” talk where we would watch the video from the game and talk about our performance.

There was no way I could deny this shame. There was proof. I would never live this down. Watching the television screen, I held my breath, waiting for the moment when everyone would burst into laughter as they watched me fall. But just at the moment when I fell, the camera went to the opposite side of the field. Saved! The gratitude burst out of my heart with tears of joy. It did not matter if they wanted to tease me. I could laugh about it now. I just did not want to watch re-runs for the next decade of my life.

Ever had an embarrassing moment? Come on. You can share it below in the comments. You can do it. 🙂 Embarrassing moments don’t define us – they help us remember we are far from perfect – and that’s ok. Perfect is overrated. Being able to laugh at ourselves is beautiful. Plus, our little “oopsies” make for interesting conversations and blog posts.


At the root of our shame from embarrassment is pride. Pride can rear its ugly head whenever we are roasted for embarrassing moments. Either it is a self-focused pride that shrivels up in shame over our moment of being “less than”, or it is pride that tries to cover or minimize our moment of shame. It is hard work trying to keep up a perfect persona, though, and we all have embarrassing moments at one time or another.


Our moments of embarrassment don’t have to shame us because we all have those moments. It makes us human.


Being humbled by our own embarrassing moments brings us back to our perfect God. He knew we would need His grace when life does not look like we thought it would. Instead of shaming ourselves for our mistakes, we can rejoice that though a righteous man falls seven times, he will rise again. Our moment of shame is not the end. His mercies are new each and every morning.

Lord, thank You for waking us up from our self-focused lives. When we are embarrassed, we know that our focus has been in the wrong place. All that matters is You and Your glory. We lay our glory down and rejoice in You, Lord!

What about you? Are there other areas of shame you don’t want to speak about? Maybe you need to. God has come to set us free and give us an abundant life. Here’s to Shame Off You!

Need a safe place to talk about shame? Gals, join me at Everyone can also comment here on this website, Shame RX headquarters. 🙂

Our shame comes from a place of hopelessness – like there is no escape from our shame. Thank God there is! God has a hope for us that never fails. Looking for hope? Not just the kind of hope that wishes for things, but a hope that is certain? Come find Hope Reinvented. 

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