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What Seems Right Isn’t—August 9 Bible Reading Plan

Man it is easy to be drawn in by the crowd, isn’t it? What seems right isn’t. In our upside-down world, it can be difficult to know which way is up. But God knows. And His plans truly are the best. When we finally stop relying on self, we discover a greater freedom is trusting God and letting go of control. Father knows best.

God is Our Home—August 8 Bible Reading Plan

Have you found home, friends? That place where you are totally accepted and loved. It’s secure there. And we are protected. God is our home. He always has been. We can wander from home and forget who we are and where we belong. But He is always a place, a person that we can come back to. Come on in as we learn what that means today.

The Roots of Unfaithfulness—August 7 Bible Reading Plan

How did you pick your mate, or how will you? You probably will not search for the least faithful person, right? And yet that is exactly what God calls Hosea to do. As another object lesson for Israel of both the behavior of God’s people and also a vivid reminder of what Christ did for us, Hosea is told to marry an unfaithful woman—a prostitute. Just like Gomer, we can be unfaithful to God. Discovering the roots of unfaithfulness can help us to return to our faithful God.

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