Photo Credits www.cornerstonelv.com

Photo Credits www.cornerstonelv.com

Jeremiah 12:2b-3a
“They always talk about You, but they really care nothing about you. But You, O Lord, know all about me. You watch me and test my devotion to you . . .”

Ouch – I know this post might sting a little bit, but I love to be challenged with verses like this. This morning, it stood out so clearly to me, that as much as we never would want to perceive of ourselves as merely talking about God, sadly, it is the natural drift that occurs in our walk with God – UNLESS we are vigilant and watchful.

Jeremiah is speaking of the wicked, so surely, it is not us, right? These verses from Jeremiah are reminiscent of David in Psalm 73, when he was disillusioned momentarily, noticing the perceived blessing of those who do not follow God and the affliction of those who do. I know I have had the occasion of contemplating similar thoughts . . . until I encountered God in His Word and prayer.

Much like David and Jeremiah, I wondered why God did not judge those who sinned boldly. Until I saw that it was in His mercy and long-suffering that He is wanting them to come to the same saving knowledge of Him that He gave to me. I was once a vile enemy of the LORD, too. Why did He have such amazing mercy on me? We have such a wonderful opportunity when the rain falls on us, when we notice that we suffer alongside unbelievers. A glorious moment to shine for Jesus and not complain or allow bitterness to steal our joy. An eternal moment of displaying just how awesome God is at enabling His children to walk through the fire and come out purified!

Now that I have been walking with the LORD for 26 years, I see how easy it is to grow complacent and lukewarm. If you see that in yourself, too, praise God! Fight it with everything you have! There is nothing sweeter than knowing God and having fellowship with Him – may God help us to never accept a counterfeit of comfort, religiosity, or country club Christianity. God is watching and He is a rewarder of those who earnestly seek Him. May our devotion to Him never fall flat – we are worshiping the GREAT I AM!

LORD, please help me to not just talk about you, but to make You palpable to all you set in my path. May I know you more and more and may You be glorified!

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