Generating Gratitude by Discovering Delight

Generating Gratitude by Discovering Delight

Sometimes life’s monotony just brings me down. But maybe it was supposed to. It is life’s lack of filling our souls that points us to the only One Who can. Still, God did not intend for us to just muster through life. He wanted us to have an abundant life. Generating gratitude by discovering delight again helps us to move from dismal to delightful. God wants us to discover Him in each day and discover what He is doing in our midst every day. A truth tucked in a Scripture that opens our eyes. A surprise blessing that reminds us that our God sees. There is so much to discover, friend, but the noise of this world often stops our hunt for discovery. Here are a few catalysts to help discover delight again.

Generating Gratitude by Remembering

Getting hung up on the past will not help us to be grateful, but remembering what God has done for us and what His word says helps to reframe our perspective. What did He do in the past that brought a smile to your face? What sweet truth can you find today to meet you right where you are at? Remember, friend. Don’t let life’s burdens cause you to forget.

Generating Gratitude by Declaring

Sometimes rather than listening to the narrative in our minds we need to speak to our thoughts, instead. Listen to what you are thinking about, friend. Declare the truth to yourself, not the lies of the enemy. Say the truths over and over again if you have to.

Generating Gratitude by Serving

Looking at the same four walls or thinking about our circumstances over and over again limits gratitude. Sometimes we need to just get the focus off of ourselves. Who can you serve? And do so joyfully? Bringing joy to others brings it back to ourselves like a boomerang effect.


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