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2 Samuel 5:12
“David realized that the Lord had established him as king over Israel and that he had elevated his kingdom for the sake of his people Israel.”

Striving to gain prestige or position is futile, especially if the Lord has not ordained it. Even when God has ordained a position for us, it is still in His timing. Of all the biblical characters, David is one I admire greatly. He knew God’s calling on His life, but He did not try to make it happen on his own, despite it taking over 20 years before he would reign over a unified Israel. Continually suffering and harassed by people who did not want him to take the position, David held firmly to what God had spoken to Him. What an example.

David was humble. He was surrendered to God and sought His will and direction for his life consistently. He recognized that he was only in the position of King because it was to serve others and for God’s glory. How often do we look to the talents of people, the favor they have or the efforts they put forth and claim that is what made people achieve their position? Or forget the purpose of our position?

And yet David was content whether he remained in that position or not. Chased later on by his own son, David did what he does best – cried out to God and did not whine or think he deserved anything. Sometimes God might even have us in a position for awhile and then remove us from it. Are we ok with that or do we want to hang onto our positions because they somehow define us, too?

Whatever position we find ourselves in – humble or high – may we today see that the position is not what it appears on the surface. God has a distinct plan for each of us – significant for eternity, if we will participate in His will.

Lord, help us to heed your will for our lives with joy and to trust you like a child – unswervingly hoping in you. All your plans are good, and I am so grateful to be serving You and others.

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