Scripture of the Day:

Romans 8:28 (NIV)

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

Shame Rx of the Day:

Man can try to define man by moments of their lives, but God’s sovereignty trumps it all.

Yesterday, we saw how the favor of God impacted Joseph’s life. God’s grace reached into a seemingly hopeless situation filled with shame and brought honor, instead. God’s purposes will be accomplished and always overcome our circumstances.

Sovereignty of God

Although Joseph’s brothers had plans for their brother that they thought would prevail, God’s sovereignty overruled. All the maneuvering people do to try to control things down here is laughable. They might have perceived temporary gains, but in the scope of eternity, they are nothing. What might be true in one moment of our lives may not be in another. Man can try to define man by moments of their lives, but God’s sovereignty trumps it all.

It does not matter how hard our circumstances get, God is still sovereign and using it all for our good and His glory. When it feels like we are at an end, it is actually the beginning of a work of God in our lives. Being tossed into a well by his own flesh and blood, sold as a slave, then betrayed and lied about and thrown into prison, one could wonder if God’s hand was on Joseph at all. But the beautiful humility and character woven into Joseph’s heart through his trials could not be gained by man’s praise or affirmation. No, hardship worked in Joseph’s life a man prepared for the work God would call him to. God is working in our lives throughout each season of our lives, even when it seems like our lives are pointless.

Through God’s favor and sovereignty, Joseph saw that temporary shame is not wasted. God can use it all to shape us into who we need to be for His purposes and glory. Tomorrow we will see how fear can be used in mighty ways – but not just any fear – a fear of God.


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