Transitions are hard

I know I should be grateful, but . . . Transitions are hard.

As I lifted another box to move out of my room, I realized something felt amiss. I suddenly realized, the box was not as tightly packaged as it should be, and it was beginning to give way. Transitions can be taxing emotionally as well as financially. I know I should be grateful but . . . transitions are hard.

I know I should be grateful, but . . . Transitions are stressful.

The same week, my car got towed twice since I was not used to the new parking rules and had not remembered to be more mindful of the new complex regulations. Transitions are stressful.

I know I should be grateful, but . . . Transitions are Frustrating.

As another mishap threatened to derail my patience for the day, I knew I couldn’t give in to the frustration that seemed to taunt me. Moving wasn’t my favorite ordeal, in fact, it is probably the least of them.

However, with the changing seasons of my life including internships and job changes, and a divorce, I had to become accompanied with transition, over and over. When change came knocking on my door once more, I didn’t always welcome it, rather felt the brunt of chagrin it seemed to bring.

I know I should be grateful, but . . . Transitions are Shameful.

When the shame of instability whispered to me, I began to recall the stability of Christ over my life and the seasons to come.

Over the years and seasons, I have learned there is wisdom to embrace change when it is in alignment with God’s plans for me. Oftentimes, He can change directions for us or redirect our paths for a purpose that doesn’t always make sense at the time.

With prayer and wise counsel, we can apply wisdom to make transitions more easily and with more peace, and even with excitement. Each season brings fresh chances to see God’s goodness displayed and as we look back, we will see His hand guiding us each step of the way.

Two truths:

Seasons do change and transitions come but the faithfulness of the Lord remains the same.

Even when my world feels upside down from the challenges of a transition, I can tap into the peace that God has for me.


When the thoughts flood in from the overwhelm and change is taking a toll, I fear I may collapse under the weight of transition.

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” —Ecclesiastes 3:1


Shell Singh

Shell Singh


This week Shame Rx contributor from the Seeing Deep Ministry team, Shell Singh, shares on removing shame from times of transition.

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