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PhD Biblical Exposition

Worship Leader

National Speaker

Biblical Mindset Coach


PhD Biblical Exposition


National Speaker

Worship Leader

Biblical Mindset Coach

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You want to refresh your women and help them know they are seen by God, who loves them. You want your group to come to an event that is more than just about an event, but a defining moment that draws them nearer to God and helps them to know and understand God’s word better.

As a leader in the church, a national speaker, a Bible teacher, and a student of God’s word, I love to lead people to beautiful truths in God’s word that transform their lives. So much so that I sought a PhD in Biblical Exposition because I love God’s word and want to be able to share it well and faithfully.

God’s word has transformed my life and healed me from traumatic events that seemed irreparable. I now share God’s healing with others as I travel to speak and/or lead worship to help people overcome the battles of the mind with the word of God.

Let’s Work Together to create a Spirit-led event that helps your group crave the things of God.

Signature Talks

Make Up Your Mind

Reset Your Mindset, Transform Your Life


Realign, Redefine, and Redesign Your Life

Refresh Her

Revitalizing Your Faith and Rediscovering Joy.

Releasing Other People's Expectations

Daughters of the King

Living in the Mind of Christ.

Daughters of the King

Shame Off You

Finding Your Biblical Worth and Restoring Honor.

Releasing Other People's Expectations

Hope Reinvented

Finding Hope in a Chaotic World.

Daughters of the King

Parenting Reset

Refreshing Your Perspective to Equip Your Kids Well for Life.

Releasing Other People's Expectations

What People Are Saying

Denise was the best speaker we’ve ever had. . . .

“We praise God for the many ways He ministered to us through Denise during our retreat. Many of our ladies have expressed that Denise was the best speaker we’ve ever had. I don’t disagree! God’s goodness and grace shine through Denise. Not only is she an excellent speaker, but she exudes warmth and the love of Christ. God’s anointing on her life is powerfully demonstrated through her compelling testimony of redemption and a clear and cohesive presentation of Scripture. As a ministry leader, I couldn’t ask for more; Denise was an excellent communicator and so easy to work with. We are looking forward to having her back again!”

Susan Schroeder

Director of Women’s Discipleship Ministries, Cornerstone Church, Easton, PA

Her spoken Words of Truth and encouragement were inspired . . . .

“I thank God for Denise Pass and her family, who are all multi-talented musicians.  As truly humble servants of The LORD, giving Him all the glory and praise, they led us into His Holy Spirit’s Peaceful Presence.  Denise’s lovely singing and keyboard skills made her family’s music ministry outstanding.  Her spoken Words of Truth and encouragement were inspired at perfect moments during worship.  My friends and I were able to bask in His Presence, like Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus.  Denise drew us into that holy place of dwelling in the house of the LORD, which was the theme and goal of our retreat teachings.  When I wrote Denise and her family a thank-you email for blessing our women’s retreat like no one has done before, her humble reply was:  ‘But I have a secret . . . it was the Holy Spirit who overwhelmed us with His sweet presence and the responsiveness you all had in worship is what made it extra special, too! My family was grateful for the opportunity.’”

Doreen Gumas

Women’s Ministry Leader, Cedar Run Community Church, Herndon, VA

Very relatable and touched the lives of many women . . .

“We had the privilege of having Denise speak at our 2018 Restore Women’s conference. Denise is multi-talented; a wonderful writer, singer and inspirational speaker. Her “shame off you” message is deep and comes right from her personal experience of dealing with pain and God’s restoration power, which made it very relatable and touched the lives of many women at the conference. Planning a women’s conference requires lots of details from the speaker, to sound, to worship and Denise was so kind always asking if there was something she could help us with to ensure that we had everything we needed for a successful conference.”

Adriana Mendes

Women’s Ministry Event Planner, Crossway Christian Church, Nashua, NH.

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