Scripture of the Week:

2 Corinthians 12:9 (ESV)

“But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”

Shame RX of the week:

Pride is based on our need to perform perfectly. Grace is based on our inability to be perfect. Choose grace.

You messed up. Big time. And in front of people. Ok, then. Well done. You tried and put yourself out there. That is a humbling thing to do. But not doing as well as you want to does not necessarily equate to messing up. You could have stayed home and not tried at all.

It’s hard—I get it. Mainly because shame taunts us and haunts us with the reality that our imperfections are now known, perhaps to a lot of people. But we always were known by a great God who still loves and accepts us unconditionally.

Still, it is hard when we are in this competitive world surrounded by people, some who want to catch us in our mistakes and others who are embarrassed along with us.

In these scenarios when we want to disappear or pray for the rapture because of our inadequacies, one little change can take our moment of shame and turn it into a moment for God’s glory.


What if instead of focusing on ourselves, we were more concerned with God’s glory than our own? We would laugh at ourselves and conduct ourselves in a way that brings our Savior glory. Instead of being upset at ourselves and losing an opportunity to minister, we could care more about those around us and choose to magnify our great God in the midst.

This past weekend, I was blessed to speak to a crowd of women about being restored. As I went to sing a song at the end, their microphone had a low battery. I began to sing and realized this was the case. Instead of being embarrassed, I told them they would get to hear the introduction again and laughed. They laughed together with me. I am normally a timid person, but God has given me a word this year – AUTHORITY. In moments like this when I am prone to shrink back, I think of the people around me and how I have to be faithful to minister God’s truth, even if I feel so very ordinary and incapable. And God showed up in a powerful way. When we acknowledge our weaknesses, and maybe even laugh at them, those around us are ministered to. When we make things all about God, people don’t strive to be like us, but run to the same God we run to! He enables us, and it is all about Him!


Before I spoke, incredible testimonies were shared by other women who spoke of God’s lavish grace and pursuit of them when they had made so many mistakes in their lives. Boldly, these women shared of their great God by confessing their great weakness. Wow. It was not how they heroically changed their lives around. They recognized their imperfections and dire need for God. Former drug addicts. Prostitutes. Changed by a loving God. If you find yourself struggling with weaknesses that are harming yourself and others around you, know that there is help. New Life Home Was a refuge for these women and a tool used by God to help them see their need of God, resulting in radically changed lives.


Embarrassment or shame from our mistakes is rooted in pride. This is not an admonition, but an encouragement. Pride is based on our need to perform perfectly. Grace is based on our inability to be perfect. Choose grace. We never could be perfect. We find grace by admitting our weaknesses. We can stop trying to be perfect and surrender to a God who loves us. Why not admit the fact that we fail at times and choose to humble ourselves by accepting the grace and forgiveness of God, instead?

When we glorify God for anything good in us, the world takes notice and has an opportunity to know this same God. Live for one, friends. Not self. It’s ok that we are not perfect. We have an awesome God Who is perfect and able to transform us so we can be a living invitation of the Gospel.

Why live with shame when you don’t have to? God has provided a way for us to remove shame and live in victory. Come and release your shame in Jesus’ name. Shame Off You details a biblical method for removing shame and is available at many retailers. Here are a few places you can get Shame Off You. Let me know you bought Shame Off You and receive a free bonus digital download.

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