Letting go of shame when you are not chosen

Standing in line waiting to be chosen for a team, the team captain avoided making eye contact with me. I wished I could have disappeared in that childhood moment, but now I understand that I gave too much power to the chooser. My worth was never tied to their choice. Time and again, I would be picked dead last, and I get it. Personality was not enough to play sports. And let’s just say I was lacking in that department. Letting go of shame when you are not chosen is not an easy thing to do when we operate according to the things of man rather than the things of God. You don’t have to feel shame when you are not chosen by man because you were chosen by God.

Letting Go of Their Opinion

We forget that their choice is not based on fact, just on preference. While it hurts that we would not always be picked, in the grand scheme of life, we all take turns in the favored or unfavored status. Their opinion is not fact. Say that again. Their opinion should not rise to be the most important voice in our heads, for that can ultimately be idolatry.

Letting Go of Our Opinion

Truth be told, our voice rings the loudest in our head, and we can beat ourselves up, thinking we were not enough to be chosen. How much time do we waste on this nonsense? When we listen to our voice over God’s voice, we are deceived and waste energy that could be spent on God’s glory, not ours. The truth is we are not enough, but God is. What sweet relief is this?

Embracing God’s Opinion

You are chosen by God. Have you accepted His invitation? Much like we don’t want the shame of someone not accepting us, have we accepted God and His place in our lives? Please know that you can be set free right now from the onslaught of your opinions or anyone else’s. See things according to God’s view, not man’s. Shame Off You.

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