All this month I am featuring authors from my ministry team to share heartwarming posts just for moms. Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there – spiritual moms, biological moms, adoptive moms, biological moms, step-moms. Your work is a blessing!

It was January and barely 10 degrees. Tossing another log in the fireplace of our 945 square foot apartment, I glanced at the clock. There were two hours until my husband would return home from work before venturing out for job #3. I sighed and returned to the uncompleted tasks from earlier that day.

As I prepared dinner, I couldn’t stop my mind from wondering, “Is there something more?” More than the same tasks and trials every day? While I half-heartedly tossed meat and spices together, I heard the sounds of whispering voices and gently clanging toys from the adjoining bedroom. Entertaining herself in her tiny space, my daughter giggled and acted out her favorite picture book. I heard joyfulness in the room.

Life in the mundane moments didn’t bother her. She treasured her time and the freedom she found in the boundaries I considered confining. Now, many years later, I look back on moments like this one. Motherhood is filled with many moments and many of them are mundane. There’s a sweetness in that.

Your Work Is Worshipful

Not many mothers share the less glamorous side of motherhood. They don’t usually share the temper tantrums, bowel blowouts, or the constant, defiant “NO” you’ll receive every day for what feels like eternity. When mothers are weary enough, we feel like these tests of our patience will last forever. We begin entertaining seeds of doubt planted by the enemy:

  • “I’m not cut out for this.”
  • “I can’t handle you right now.”
  • “I can’t do this anymore.”

Motherhood is rough, difficult, and lonely at times. In these moments we can easily focus on trials rather than on truth. We can’t see the beauty being cultivated in the struggle. Mama, let me encourage you with truth today. In the seemingly ordinary and tough tasks of your days, grasp onto this truth. Are you ready? Your work in motherhood is worshipful.  Yes. Your work is worshipful. The God who can move mountains delights in the work of your hands.

“For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen.” Romans 11:36 (ESV)

God Treasures Your Work

Those tasks and activities that seem mundane in your eyes are treasured in the eyes of God. The moments we’re always doing the same thing are holy moments. We are guiding and nurturing little souls for Jesus.

When you feel like you haven’t slept in months, God is lifting your eyes open toward Him. When you’re too exhausted to load the dishwasher, God strengthens your hands. If you’re not sure you have the calmness to give your children reminders for the 100th time, God seasons your speech with grace

Mundane Moments Are Valuable

I was talking with a group of mothers last week about reading the same books over and over to my preschooler. In a comment meant to produce some humor, I confessed that a certain book may need to “get lost.” You know, those books that our children cherish but we read them with clenched teeth. I often wonder if it’s really the books the children cherish or if it’s really the time spent on our laps – the time that can seem mundane to us. These moments are so valuable. As tired as we are at the 7:30 bedtime, reading to them for five minutes is valuable. When we can barely stay awake to change that 2am diaper, our baby feels comfort from our touches and kisses.

Mama, when you feel weary in those mundane moments, remember that God wraps you in His grace and strength. “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:6 (ESV)

Walk in grace today Mama, and rest in Him,


Danielle is a wife and mother of two beautiful children. She blogs at DanielleHope.com where she encourages mothers to find value and virtue in motherhood.


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