Isaiah 50:4
“The Sovereign Lord has given me the capacity to be His spokesman, so that I know how to help the weary. He wakes me up every morning, he makes me alert so I can listen attentively as disciples do.”

What a privilege it is to write for my King! It is amazing to me that He would choose the weak things to glorify Himself. If you are sitting there wondering how I could boast that I am God’s spokesperson . . . so are you! Each one He has called with a distinct purpose, none to be compared to the other, and we are ALL to be His voice on the earth. Every voice unique, precious and needed.

I am in awe of Him as I write this, because it is laughable to me that the King of kings and Lord of lords would use us at all! Surely He does not need to, to proclaim how amazing He is, but he wants to. Wow.

I find myself at a crossroads tonight. Ever been there? God placed something on your heart (or so you thought), and then slowly you begin to feel that the calling is no longer there. A sense of guilt makes you feel bonded to this assignment – how can you let it go? But then there is another voice telling you to trust and lay it down. The problem is, sometimes when one door closes, another one has not opened yet. Be still. Wait. Not my favorite words in the dictionary.

If we are to be His workmanship, then we are to do His bidding – sometimes it might not be what we imagined or desired, but there is no greater satisfaction to be found than seeking to be in His will. So while we wait or embark on a new season, may God help us to be thankful for the season we are leaving behind and trust Him that the new calling is an answer to a prayer. Maybe one we uttered in the middle of the night, or maybe someone else’s prayer of need. We’re on a mission, lest we forget – not for a perfectly comfortable life on earth, but to spread the love of God to all the earth.

Oh God, thank you that you paid for our sins and have a calling on our lives. I am in awe of You! Please help us to not be afraid of stepping out of the boat into a new season you are calling us to.

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