Black and White Podcast

Are there absolutes in our gray world?

How do we apply God’s word in an upside down world?

How can we share God’s truth in a post-modern era?

So often, Christians can be labeled as being irrelevant and our voice is not heard.

Political correctness can silence us if we let it. Unless we speak in a way that can be heard.

Listen in to the Black and White podcast ~ A Christian Podcast of radical grace, raw truth and real hope in a gray world.

Coming in 2019: Be prepared to give an answer and make the most of every opportunity!

God’s word provides answers to today’s problems and there is nothing new underneath the sun.

God has called his people to be a light – with grace, truth, humility and hope!

Denise Pass

National conference speaker, author, Christian CCM artist, worship leader and podcaster, Denise Pass delivers a passionate, authentic message through “Seeing Deep Ministries”. Denise’s message comes from her own personal experiences which have given her a heart of compassion to help heal others and point them to hope in God’s word. She is the author of Shame Off You (Abingdon Press), 31 Days to Hope Reinvented, and an award-winning songwriter. Denise cares passionately about the need to speak a life-giving message to our culture that does not condemn, but points our culture to truth with grace and hope. The mother of five children whom she home educated, (4 in college), Denise lives near Fredericksburg, VA with her husband, works as an executive assistant and leads worship at her home church.


The Black and White podcast began in 2018. We covered a lot of ground, addressed some exciting topics and had some incredible special guests (Liz Curtis Higgs, Mary DeMuth, Lynn Cowell, The Creation Museum, David Barton, to name a few), and look forward to what the next year will bring.

Join us as we continue to explore a biblical perspective and response to the culture around us!

Latest Episode

BW#44 Christmas Unwrapped – The Gifts of Bravery and Being Shame-Free

This month listen in as Denise interviews her children to discuss the gifts of Christmas—gifts born in hard places where our Emmanuel met each one with gifts they did not expect. In this episode, hear from Abigail, her eldest daughter and how she overcame fear and shame with bravery and honor.

BW#43 Dealing with Expectations During the Holidays

Expectations of joy and sadness and loneliness can often impact the holidays so much we just want to get through them. How can we set our expectations aright during the holidays? Listen in as Denise Pass and Micah Maddox discuss how to handle the holidays with grace and less stress!

BW#42 10 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude in a Discontent World

Real gratitude does not depend on our mood. It comes from a much deeper place, determined by faith, not feelings. Yet cultivating gratitude in an entitled, discontent culture requires intentionality and grace. Listen in for some inspiration and Happy Thanksgiving from Denise and Micah! May God fill all of our hearts with a genuine gratitude as we glorify Him with thanksgiving for all He has done for His people.

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