31 Days of Hope Reinvented – PDF


When hope fails . . . our God answers.

With a hope that might look a bit different than we had anticipated, this 31-Day devotional guides us through the landscape of disillusionment, hurt and fear to bring us to a place of real hope in Christ.

CCM Worship Artist, Author and Speaker Denise Pass guides the reader through the grieving process of crushed hopes through personal testimony and the Word of God.

This 31-Day Devotional is a supplement to the book, “Hope Reinvented – Healing When Hope Fails”, and offers real answers to life’s often harsh realities.

For more on the ministry of Denise Pass, “Seeing Deep”, visit her website to read her blog and listen to her music: www.denisepass.com.



Hope. An anchor for the soul, yet often hooked on temporal things. Continually on a quest for this yearning within us, our souls hunger for the moment our hopes are realized. But what really is hope and what happens when the hopes we have are crushed? Explore the hope or lack of hope you have in this 31-Day devotional and find a new Hope Reinvented, formed in the crucible of hardship, authentic and eternal. God sees you and He has a hope for you that never fails.


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