Scripture of the Day:

Isaiah 41:11

[Look; Behold] All those people who are angry with [seethe/rage against] you will be ashamed and disgraced.
Those who ·are [strive] against you will disappear [become nothing] and be lost [perish]12 You will look for your enemies, but you will not find them. Those who ·fought [wage war] against you will vanish completely [be as nothing]13 [For; Because] I am the Lord your God, who holds your right hand, and I tell you, ‘Don’t be afraid. I will help you.’”

Shame Rx of the Day:

When God is for us, the shame others cast on us reflects back on them.

No one likes that feeling – you know the one I am talking about. Someone said something unkind or cast aspersions on you. Likely behind your back, but sometimes to your face. Not fun at all. Especially when it is not true. But here is the thing about shame. We have a choice whether or not we receive it. That’s right. We do. This truth is something that God has encouraged me with greatly as I wrote the book, Shame Off You. And when God is for us, the shame others cast on us reflects back on them.

The fruit people often bear when trying to place shame on us reveals that they are carrying around shame they would like to place on us. But like a boomerang, shame flies off of us when God has removed all of our shame.

It does not mean that it won’t be hard when people try to shame us, but when we see God’s promises for His kids and His desire to remove all of our shame, we can rest in knowing that our God is also our Defender. Shame cannot stick when we don’t let it.

Has someone accused you? Tried to make you feel less than? That is not the voice of God. Filter shame through God’s truth. Then let it go.

Got shame? That’s a shame. You don’t have to anymore . . . well in August 2018, that is. Shame Off You is available for pre-order. Shame Off You, friend!


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