Releasing shame from problems

Whoever came up with the phrase “Murphy’s Law” must have been acquainted with problems. We can joke about it to try and deflect our problems, but there is a hidden secret to problems—we feel ashamed for having them. Somehow, we feel we need to measure up to the “perfect people” (whoever they may be) who don’t have problems. But NEWS FLASH! Everyone has problems in a broken world. Releasing shame from problems is not dependent upon the audience we can carry around in our heads. It is dependent on our response to the problems we face.

Releasing Stereotypes

We lie to ourselves when we give in to feelings of shame. Especially when it comes to problems. Releasing shame from problems happens when we release our grip on the perfect stereotype we are envisioning for ourselves. You know, everything from thinking we are better if we are thinner or if we nurse our kids or … you fill in the blank. Question where you got those stereotypes from. They aren’t doing you any favors.

Releasing Expectations

Problems are opportunities. Though they feel like the bane of our existence, they are an opportunity for growth and to interact with God as we try to find a solution. When we have expectations of a problem free life, we are fooling ourselves.

Releasing Self-blame

Your problems are not a reflection of you. Honest, they aren’t. Sometimes we can feel embarrassed that we have so many issues, lol, but that statement is an indicator of comparison. Don’t blame yourself for your problems. Ask God to help you think about your problems from His perspective, and don’t let your joy or honor come from a problem-free life. Shame off You, friends!

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