Removing Shame from a Failed Marriage

Shame Rx:

A failed marriage is a season, not the end of your life.

Scripture of the Day:

Scripture verse: “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” -Psalm 147:3

I stared down at my empty ring finger. It did not seem fair. I felt dazed and confused at the loss of my broken marriage. The heaviness seemed to hang over me wherever I went and felt as heavy as a ton of bricks.

Indeed, this breakup before my first anniversary could not be real.

Yet, it was. I had no idea how to begin to pick up the pieces of my shattered life and dreams. God is patient with us during times of grief, reminding us, He provides the strength to take small steps forward with a peaceful reassurance that waters our weary souls.

A failed marriage is a season, not the end of a life.

A broken marriage may seem like the end of life, but life is composed of seasons, including valleys. Shame will attempt to stick when a marriage breaks down, yet God’s redemptive power has the final say in our lives.

Truth brings transformation and wholeness.

Exposure to God’s word began to help me develop slow transformation by renewing my mind and breaking thought patterns that attempted to derail my hope.

Processing the pain will break patterns of shame.

There is a time and place to process grief so that shame cannot gain a stronghold in thought patterns. God‘s grace, comfort and truth will be our biggest weapons in fighting the onslaught of lies that shame tries to entrap us in during seasons of suffering.

If you have suffered from the heartache of a marriage that dissolved, know that God is still writing your story, so shame off you!

Shell Singh

Shell Singh


This week Shame Rx contributor from the Seeing Deep Ministry team, Shell Singh, shares on removing shame from a failed marriage.

You can find Shelley at: www.shelleysingh.com 


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