Protecting our belief system

As we have been examining our thoughts and how mindsets are both formed, today we are looking at the significance of protecting our belief system. Mindsets that pull us away from God’s thoughts. We are lulled away by degrees when we acquiesce to the world system rather than a biblical worldview.

The Significance of Protecting Our Belief System

Protecting our belief system is necessary in order for us to faithfully uphold the word of God and to be able to represent Jesus and His word to a lost world that needs to know Him, not just a religion. Listen in as Denise shares 5 keys to protecting your belief system. Download a free PDF of these keys to remind you to be diligent to protect your belief system.

Protecting our Belief System Hinders Unbelief

But we can break through our mindsets when they drift to unbelief. As we put our minds in the washing of the word of God, we are set free from mindsets that accuse God. Don’t believe in lesser worldviews or mindsets, friend. You get to choose. Our emotions can lead us to broken mindsets, but we can inform our feelings with faith and choose a biblical worldview.

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