Living for an Audience of One

The motivation for what we do reveals who we are doing it for. Sometimes we can get caught in the trap of trying to earn man’s respect which is ultimately self-worship. Let that sink in. Living for an audience of one helps us to break free of living to please others.

The broken mindsets in this culture often arise from living for an audience of men rather than an audience of One—Christ alone. The shame culture invites us to participate in this perpetual seeking of others’ approval, and we would not have shame if we did not have an audience. So who is your audience? Who is it that you care what they think about you?

When we live for an audience of one, our motivation is God’s glory. When we live for an audience of one, our joy is not on what the audience perceives of us – their acceptance or rejection, but just on the fruit that God bears through us.

If we are living for man’s approval, we just might miss God’s. Listen in as Denise shares how to live for an audience of one.

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