No Foolin'

April is here! And this month we are going to be talking about being renewed! Today’s topic is aptly titled, “No foolin’” since April Fool’s Day just passed. Did any of you get duped by April Fool’s jokes?

I can be so gullible because I want to believe the best in someone so I can get snagged by some April Fool’s puns. But no foolin’ – the most significant fooling we need to be aware of is the devil’s schemes.

This is a comforting thought, right? We have an enemy, friends. And he is trying to find a way to fool us or deceive us so we will be duped to sin or be discouraged or defeated by our own minds.

In other words, don’t be controlled by our own minds but control our minds and thoughts. Or the devil can get a foothold and fool us.

Listen to this podcast and learn how to stop being fooled by your own self-defeating thoughts and how to fight right in the Spirit!

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