Renewing Your Purpose

Life throws us curveballs that can throw us off course and off purpose. Renewing your purpose will require vigilance to recognize when you are drifting from God’s purpose and calling on your life. Our mindsets are shaped largely by our environment without our being aware. Knowing our “why” or our purpose and keeping it in front of us helps us to steer and maintain a healthy, godly mindset.

Don’t let failure stop you from renewing your purpose and living with the purpose God has for you. We can limit our purpose based on man’s limitations or we can simply live on purpose no matter what the results are.

God is not held accountable for a purpose that is not of His own design. Renewing your purpose to be God’s purpose for you keeps you from striving in vain. Listen in for five tips to help you to keep your mindset from drifting from your purpose and being faithful to God’s call on your life.

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