Fatherly Advice – How to Heal, Part 2

Learning how to heal is not an easy journey. But it is possible with the help of the Holy Spirit. Holding onto our hurt hinders the Spirit’s work in our lives. It hinders our walk with God and keeps us from experiencing His abundant joy. Regardless of the origin of our hurt, God desires that we bring every detail to Him.

For the final podcast to celebrate Father’s Day this month, Denise continues her conversation with Pastor Mike Novotny, author of the new book “How to Heal.” Listen in as they discuss the way God Himself understands the wounds of abuse and how His healing power can overcome devastating hurt.



Danielle Poorman

Danielle Poorman

Author & Podcaster

Danielle is a member of the Seeing Deep Ministry team and author of this week’s accompanying podcast devotion. She is wife to an amazing husband of 15 years, mother to two lovely children, and a “once upon a time classroom teacher turned to homeschool mom.” Her days are spent teaching her children and drinking plenty of coffee! You can find Danielle encouraging fellow moms at https://www.daniellehope.com/
Need hope? God is our hope but sometimes we can look for hope in the wrong places. Come and discover the hope that God has for us in the hard places in Denise’s book, Hope Reinvented, and an accompaniment devotional study guide for small groups, Discovering a Hope that Never Fails.

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