Finding hope at Thanksgiving

Finding Hope This Thanksgiving

This pandemic has brought pain for some and for some a reprieve. Add to that the instability of the Presidential election. And perhaps this season we are in has stolen hope for many. When will it end? As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving in shaky times, we can feel the hope of this occasion being threatened. But finding hope this thanksgiving is not so hard when gratitude is the catalyst. And hope was never meant to be the pursuit in the first place, but a by-product of lives hidden in Christ.

Real Hope, Not Fairy Tales

Our hope was set up to fail in a culture where life stories, even those including hard times, are always depicted with fairy tale endings. Every dream realized and every earthly human hope fulfilled. What is this hope that God longs to give us? What is hope, really?

Listen in as Denise continues her series on Hope Reinvented. Discover a hope that heals our hearts and helps us to have a hope that never fails.

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Hope Reinvented

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