Counting Up to Christmas

Counting Up to Christmas

Pandemic or not, Christmas is coming. Why not count up to Christmas and discover a new delight in the birth of our Savior? Come and find 24 gifts of prayer in author Jenni Elwood’s new book, “Counting up to Christmas”.

Counting Up To Christmas—24 gifts

“The 12 Days of Christmas” is a favorite song my family is tormented to sing each year. It’s the same lyrics, but we all laugh hysterically each year as we struggle to sing the lyrics at the right time. Now there is a new tradition with 24 days to Christmas. 24 days to inspire you to celebrate Christmas in a special way that will leave you transformed in His presence.

Listen in as Denise and Jenni discuss her new book, “Counting Up To Christmas“, available on Amazon.

Counting up to Christmas


Jenni Elwood

Jenni Elwood


Jennifer Elwood is a wife, mother, and student of the Bible who enjoys blogging stories of Jesus-driven spiritual transformation. Find her on her website: https://jenniferelwood.com/ 

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