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You are afraid to go to the deep end . . . I get it.

I was the girl who would stand at the edge of the ocean instead of stepping in when the rest of my family did. The irony is that many years later God led me to start a ministry called, “Seeing Deep”. As I began to blog in 2014, I realized that all of my writings were about going deeper in faith and trusting God in all of life’s painful moments. As much as I believed God, I also doubted whether He knew how much I could handle. It’s easy to say we want to go deeper, but when life hurts, will we still hope in Christ? That’s what this spot on the web is for . . . seeing the deeper purposes of God in our lives and a catalyst to  inspire hope in God’s goodness. I love to explore the deeper meaning of topics like hope, shame, joy and relevant topics in our world through God’s word. We all encounter problems in this world but those problems are an opportunity to trust God in the deep places. Will you go to the deep end with me?

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Mindset Hacks for 2024

Mindset Hacks for 2024

As we start 2024, we do not have to carry the mental baggage of last year. But we will need a plan to help keep our headspace in a good place. Here are some Mindset Hacks for 2024. Save the image below and place it on your desktop or fridge, wherever you will see it,...

Is it Ok to Not Be Ok?

Is it ok to not be ok? When our feelings rage within, they don’t have to win. Don’t let belief in your feelings trump your belief in God.

Putting Out Fires

That ominous figure in the picture above? It’s your girlfriend here putting out fires in my backyard. Near miss. Grateful.

Day 58: Rash Vows (Bible Tribe Judges 11–15)

“Don’t make a promise you can’t keep.” This seems like wise counsel, but in humility, we recognize that we are not capable of keeping one promise apart from the grace of God.

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Where Hope Comes From

Where Hope Comes From

Our stories offer hope. Especially when the Author of our story is faithful.

God’s Goodness is our Hope

God’s Goodness is our Hope

God’s goodness is not defined by whether life seems good. We might not be able to escape a moment, but we can find refuge in it by remembering God’s is good.

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