Seeing Deep in a Shallow World

Going beneath the surface to find God in all of life.

In 2018, the LORD placed it on my heart to start a podcast to address issues in our culture from a biblical worldview. Christians need to be a voice of grace, truth and hope in a hurting world. It was an incredible year and we are excited to dive deeper into relevant topics in our culture in the coming year.

And now a new podcast is starting that comes from my initial ministry vision. The Seeing Deep podcast is like a devotional where we will be challenged to live for Christ in every facet of our lives. It is a place to nurture our walk with God so we can be that voice and light the world so desperately needs. How can we be a light if we are not walking closely with Christ, having our minds renewed daily in His word?

Come along with me as I dive into the word of God and interview special guests on topics that will draw us nearer to God as we examine ourselves in God’s word, release shame and cultivate hope in our living God.

Latest Episode

SD#33 Shame’s Fruit: Shaking Off Shame from Addiction

We are prone to addiction as we seek to fill the void in our heart with things of this world instead of with what we need most: time with God. Listen in as Authors Denise Pass and Michelle Nietert discuss how to shake off shame and get off the shame/addiction cycle.

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