Shame RX: Christ came to earth to remove all of our sin and shame.

John 1:29

“The next day he saw Jesus coming to him and said, “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!”

Christmas . . . a day out of the year, well, ok, more like a month out of the year spent in preparations for this day, but a day where we set aside time to enjoy the gift of God . . . can become a day filled with shame.

Maybe it’s our gifts . . . they aren’t what we hoped to give. Or perhaps it’s grief or hurt feelings that are wrecking family gatherings. It’s just like the enemy to distract us from what matters most, right?

One particular year in our home I remember feeling like our Christmas celebration was not “enough”.  Our Christmas tree looked like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, then fell over. (True story). The decorations were all looking a bit aged and falling apart. The gifts were all bought on clearance to try and make the gifts last. And our souls were devastated with grief seemingly beyond repair.

You get the point. NOT a Hallmark Christmas.

Thank God. Because it was real. And not having all the niceties of Christmas left us with a simple Christmas this girl will never forget. I clung tightly to my children and relished in the gift of salvation and the gift of them. 

Looking back it seems silly now to ever feel shame, let alone at Christmas. Comparison, perhaps, was at the root, or expectations were robbing me of the incredible gifts of the presence of loved ones being around me. Sure, we were a hot mess, but we had one another. And THAT is what mattered.

This Christmas, don’t place expectations on your Christmas that the world does. Christmas is special because of the One Who loved you so much He came to earth to demonstrate that love. You are beloved, friend. And no stocking stuffer or gift could ever compare.

Shame Off You, friends!



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