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Ever feel embarrassed? Shame. (Obvious). Ever feel like your voice does not matter?
Shame. (Not so obvious).
Ever feel judged for your personal choices? Shame. How about finances? Feel judged for what you have? Shame.
And your appearance? Think you are not enough? Shame.
Shame is operating in our culture continuously. We might not recognize its presence because it is all we have ever known. Through manipulation and sometimes displaced shaming, we receive it unknowingly. It influences our minds and condemns us.
What if we could see shame through a different lens and be set free? We can. Come and explore the biblical principles to being shame free. Discovering the roots of shame in our lives stops its reach once we expose shame’s lies.
God has called His people to be free. We just might not realize that we are still bound. Come and live the shame off you life.

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Seeing Shame Differently

Seeing shame differently helped me to take the focus off of myself and to see the real need underneath.

Silencing Shame with Grace

Shame is not silences by our mere dismissal. But God’s grace cleanses us from legitimate and false shame.

Face Shame Head On

Face shame head on. Don’t dismiss it, don’t pretend it does not exist. Shame disappears when we face it head on with truth, humility and grace.

Defuse Shame’s Lie with Truth

Defuse shame’s lie with truth. When we have brought shame into our life, hiding it won’t heal it. And when we have not invited shame into our life, the truth sets us free, too. Let go of shame’s lie and label. And let Christ define you, instead.

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