Shame RX: Don’t let accusations define you—Christ already did.

Psalm 40:15 INIV)

“May those who say to me, “Aha! Aha!” be appalled at their own shame.”

Aha! Caught ya! You are guilty!!!! Ever had someone let you know they know that you have something they judge you for? It might not even be true, it is their perception, yet they feel it is their right to let you know.

Such accusations can paralyze us and make us feel awful, right? I think that is the goal.

Funny thing, because last time I checked there is only One righteous Who can judge. But still, people spy the imperfections in one another and bring accusations against one another as if it was a big surprise.

No one is good, the Bible says. And no one is perfect. And yet we go around reminding one another of our flaws or judge people in our own minds as is we expected everyone to be perfect.

The miracle of grace is that the One Who could judge us—doesn’t. He does not gloss over our sins, no, but He removes them and our condemnation, too. We cannot abuse such grace, but we humbly, gratefully accept it.

We will still make mistakes even after this grace is so lavishly given. We will still have shame we incur. But accusations fall to the ground as we pick up His righteousness. And when we do fall short, in humility we can admit it, boasting in our weaknesses and picking up Christ’s strength, instead.

The next time someone “catches you”, don’t let accusations define you. Christ already did.


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