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Want to read the Bible through but don’t know where to begin? We don’t have to have a perfect plan or be perfect people to seek God. There are a lot of wonderful Bible Reading plans out there. Pick one that works for you. The Bible Tribe Bible Reading Plan is in a different place of Scripture each day in a 7-fold reading plan. This helps the reader to view Scripture intertextually as we see how the books of the Bible together share the revelation of God’s word. My hope is to inspire you to draw near to God as you never have before through the Bible Tribe Reading plan. Here are some ways you can participate:

  • Tune in for a 5-minute weekly summary each week.
  • Listen in (via podcast) or watch the broadcast (via YouTube 2024 Playlist, 2022 Playlist (Word of the Day), 2021 Playlist (Verse of the Day) for the daily Bible reading plan in a 1-2 minute devotional each day.
  • Download the free Bible reading plan,

This year, getting into God’s word daily can change your world, friend, and help you to live on mission!

The Seeing Deep podcast. is on pause right now while I pursue my PhD! I hope you will join us as we continue to explore a biblical perspective — Seeing Deep in a Shallow World — and learn how to overcome the battles of the mind with the word of God. Through being in God’s word, we will learn how to respond to the culture around us with a biblical perspective stepped in grace and truth.

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