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Getting into God’s word is hard. There seem to be endless obstacles to prevent us from doing so consistently. I wonder why that is? It’s because if God’s people get into His word, their lives will radically be changed and the world will be, too. This year, getting into God’s word daily can change your world, friend, and help you to live on mission. It is on my heart to make the Bible more accessible to you. I hope you will join me in reading the Bible Tribe reading plan, (free download below), a 7-fold reading plan where we read from a different part of Scripture every day. And you can listen in to 3-minute devotionals on the youtube channel or listen to the podcast based on the Bible Tribe Bible reading plan, as well.

The Bible Tribe Podcast—New Beginnings

Unfortunately, beginning a new work sometimes means we have to prune a bit to make space for it. A lot of planning and preparation to make space for the new format of the Bible reading plan meant I had to hit pause on my other podcasts. Don’t worry – the Seeing Deep podcast will still be around, but the Black and White podcast is going to come to a *pause* for right now. (It might come back another year). Thank you to all of you who listened in, or who were guests on the podcast.

The Black and White podcast began in 2018. We covered a lot of ground in three years, addressing some exciting topics, and had some incredible special guests (Liz Curtis Higgs, Mary DeMuth, Lynn Cowell, The Creation Museum, David Barton, to name a few). While we are sad to let the Black and White podcast go, we will still be interviewing and covering important topics in our culture from a biblical point of view on the Seeing Deep podcast.

I hope you will join us as we continue to explore a biblical perspective — Seeing Deep in a Shallow World — and learn how to overcome the battles of the mind with the word of God. Through being in God’s word, we will learn how to respond to the culture around us with a biblical perspective stepped in grace and truth.

Latest Episode

BW#143 Ten Tips for Gratitude All Year Long

BW#143 Ten Tips for Gratitude All Year Long

Sometimes we just don’t want to be grateful. We want to sulk and nurse our wounds. Eeyore gets it. But genuine gratitude is not fake. It flows from hearts that realize that gratitude in the creation rather than in the Creator will always leave us empty. Listen in to hear this episode from Denise Pass and Micah Maddox as they share ten tips for gratitude in life’s mundane moments.

BW#140 Vote Your Faith, part 2

Vote your faith, friends. When we do so, we uphold biblical standards and help to bring about righteous legislation. We might not be able to elect a Christian, but we can elect a candidate who supports biblical principles.

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