The Effects of God's Goodness on our Gratitude

The Effect of God’s Goodness on Our Gratitude

Carrying a jug of oil in my hand and too many other ingredients overflowing in my arms, I murmured under my breath. Why did my son take off with the shopping cart? As I made my way around the corner looking to see if I could catch a glimpse of him so I could relieve my aching arms from the stockpile I was lugging around, suddenly I slipped faster than I could think and landed sharply on my derrière. Or bum. And. It. Hurt. So bad. Not only was I suddenly on the floor for everyone to see, but I also knocked down a complete display of chocolate chips all over me and well, everywhere. But the effect of God’s goodness reaches into our yucky moments and produces gratitude.

This was right before Thanksgiving in 2017. And I must confess I was not feeling so thankful at that moment. In fact, I was mighty full of shame. But the effect of God’s goodness on my gratitude changed me. In one moment I felt so exasperated. Then in the next, I just began to laugh. First-world problems. God is still good. And it could have been worse. The effect of God’s goodness produced gratitude and so much beautiful fruit in my life.

The Effect of God’s Goodness on Our Gratitude: Joy

Sure, the laughter hurt – it hurt to laugh and I had to eat some humble pie. But to this day, my son reminds me of it and that incident is now a memory of joy. It’s funny how sometimes life’s pain points become a funny bone to remind us to lighten up and to stop taking things so seriously.

The Effect of God’s Goodness on Our Gratitude: Peace

Ire softened to gratitude as I considered my problems in the scope of life’s harsh realities. God came to give us peace right in the middle of life. We can have peace when anxiety is screaming our name. We can choose peace when our emotions try. to dictate to us that we are powerless to do so. We just have to call on His name and refocus on His promises and His perfect word . . . and His goodness. No evil in this world can overcome God’s goodness. Isn’t that comforting? And doesn’t that bring perfect peace?

The Effect of God’s Goodness on Our Gratitude: Humility

Thanksgiving is now over, but my heart is humbled as I consider how God has taken the brokenness of my life and repurposed it for His glory and my good. I don’t deserve such kindness but my prayer is that whatever I go through in this life I will not complain, but humbly seek to bring honor to my Savior who is with me through it all.


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