The Root of Good Judgment

By: Denise Pass © 6/18/14


1 Samuel 25:33

Praised be your good judgment! May you yourself be rewarded for having prevented me this day from shedding blood and taking matters into my own hands!

It can happen in a flash – suddenly you are thrust into a disastrous situation and wonder how you can overcome. Surely Abigail felt a surge of panic when she heard that King David was coming to destroy her husband and his household. Not good news at all. Her level-headedness and sound judgment serve as such an example. She quickly and courageously met David and his men with provisions. She even dared to go before the king and bear the blame herself.

Bravery. Responsibility. Humility. I wonder how I would have responded. Hindsight is always a perfect view, but how about when we are thrust into a tragedy with no preparation? Do we give in to our fears or stand firm and trust in God for deliverance? All the while doing what needs to be done, sometimes just one foot in front of the other?

Oh, to have such bravery today as Abigail demonstrated. We can observe hardship in someone else’s home and think it might not visit our own, but assuredly the rain falls on the good and evil, and we are not unable to pass through life without some pain. But a life hidden and rooted in Christ and His word will grant the stability to face any crises.

Sometimes good judgment is reflected in our daily choices, as we seek to establish godliness in our homes. A lifestyle of good judgment prepares us for the unexpected, and will be a foundation we can stand on in the face of danger. There is no magic pill, no way of escape from the human condition of not being able to control all of our circumstances, but there is One Who can enable us. There is a preparation of heart, a quiet trust daily in Jesus that cannot be faked or trumped, but is lived out day to day, and ultimately will serve as our anchor when the storm rolls in.

Lord, thank you that You do not leave us or forsake us in times of trouble. Help us to rely on you in good and bad times, to have established a dependence and hope in you and nothing else for our deliverance.

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