Inspirational Thought of the Day:

God’s righteousness is given freely and often found in the very place we once despised.

Scriptures of the Day:

Genesis 22:5,8
“So he said to his servants, “You two stay here with the donkey while the boy and I go up there. We will worship and then return to you.” 8 “God will provide for himself the lamb for the burnt offering, my son,” Abraham replied. The two of them continued on together.

Genesis 15:6
“Abram believed the LORD, and he credited it to him as righteousness.”

It seemed hopeless. Accusations whirled about me and the thought of God delivering me from my circumstances felt out of reach, for someone else. Maybe if my life were a movie it would have a storyline that included a dramatic miracle taking place. My God, my hero – would spare me any pain.

But this. This reality felt all too harsh and real. My lungs squeezed within my chest as I struggled to breathe. The air around me seemed to disappear. A sense of dizziness overwhelmed me and anxiety threatened to steal my faith. Why would God lead me to a place of death when I was walking on the path of life? How was He going to bring life from this pain?

Abe must have felt every bit of what I felt, and then some. His son Who God had promised him – was to be sacrificed for this same God? What in the world? What was the point of it all? Walking up the mountain with the wood for the sacrifice on his son’s back, Abraham resolutely set out in full obedience. Carrying the tools himself that would mean the death of His dreams and the precious son he loved, Abraham did not doubt God.

In that place of looming death there was faith and trust in the Originator of the promise. All the reality that surrounded Abraham could have swallowed him up, but He chose to focus on the Maker of the Promise instead of trying to make God’s promises come to fruition himself. He did not try to control the outcome, but took the next step that God commanded him too. More than the love of his own son, Abraham worshiped His God.

In the end, God did provide the sacrifice Himself – both for Abraham and us. He showed our need for salvation and watches our response to see if we will trust Him to provide it. He saved the day for Abraham and for us, but that did not mean we were spared suffering.

It is in our greatest suffering that we are nearer to God, for that is the path He chose, too. Walking on this path of testing beaten with the sorrows of the world, we become surprised at a thing of beauty beyond description, of great worth – a righteousness given freely and found in the very place we once despised.

Unless a seed dies, it cannot bear fruit. The death of what we knew does not mean there will not be life again. In fact, sometimes we will bear more fruit and be more blessed than before. In the crucible, that chalice of suffering, there is a purpose. When we simply believe God is Who He says He is and will do what He says He will do, He considers us righteous, though we ought to have borne the sacrifice for our sins ourselves. At the end of ourselves, we find God.

How about you? Have you seen God bring life from a place of death?

Lord, You are amazing and faithful. Thank You for the gift of salvation – given freely. Help us to trust in You when it feels like we are forgotten. 


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