Inspirational Thought of the Day:

Words are important – choose them wisely.

Scripture of the Day:

Proverbs 10:8

“The wise person accepts instructions, but the one who speaks foolishness will come to ruin. 10 The one who winks his eye causes trouble, and the one who speaks foolishness will come to ruin.”

I’ve got writing deadlines and recording deadlines looming over me and yet I still want to take the time to write to you what God has impressed upon my heart.

As I contemplate each word He pours out through His Holy Spirit in His Word, I am undone. There is so much to say that could never be fully communicated. His principles are just, His ways are perfect. I am humbled in His presence.

To a culture where quick comebacks and flashy motions rule the day, this reminder from Proverbs stands as a testimony that a haughty spirit, popularity in the world and a fast-paced lifestyle are not near to the heart of God.

When we consider that speaking folly leads to ruin, it can give us pause to more carefully speak words that glorify God and communicate grace and truth.

My children and I enjoy watching movies depicting a time period a couple hundred years ago in which the characters spoke thoughtfully to one another. Their purpose in communicating was intentional and clear. No ambiguity. Today people tend to speak without thinking.

Perhaps it is easy to gloss over our vocabulary when so many words are spoken, but the Holy Spirit can help us to recognize when our speech is ungodly, flattering or foolish. The eloquence of earlier times may be a distant memory, but it is worth remembering.

Lord, may our speech be pleasing to Your ear and our words honor You.

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