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Job 35:9

“People cry out because of the excess of oppression, they cry out for help because of the power of the Mighty.”

Job 36:15

“He delivers the afflicted by their afflictions, He reveals Himself to them by their suffering.”



Deep inside each of us in a need – most likely there are many needs within us.  Some of the needs are hidden from our eyes and others control us, whether we are aware of it or not.  Sometimes we are ashamed to admit our needs or hurts, but ultimately all of our longings cause us to in humility see our need of God.

It is in our raw time of need that we cry out to God.  When everything is comfortable, we often do not feel compelled to ask God to help us with the basic aspects of life.  In our independence we do not want to have to need God so much and fail to see that everything we are able to do is only His grace in our lives.  We take for granted how much He has done for us and how many needs He has already met in our lives.  In reality, I needed God only when I thought I needed Him – when times were challenging.  But I need Him for every aspect of life.

God invites us to come to Him in our need.  When we come to God, He examines us.  We come wanting Him to give us something – maybe relief from suffering, but many times when we cry out to God for the affliction to stop, the affliction is the very tool He is using to heal us.

Sometimes we do not see or recognize our TRUE NEED.  We come crying out to God and leave changed, perhaps seeing our need from a different perspective.  We focus on the external, but God is wanting that hunger, that ache to open our eyes to see our need of HIM.  More than anything this world has to offer, we were made for Him and He wants to meet all of our cares with Himself.

Lord, thank you that You know what our real needs are and in Your wisdom You use our needs to bring us to Yourself.

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